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Strand One - Life Systems: Cells, Tissues, Organs and Organ Systems
Science Homepage
      Page one of Life Systems
Full unit outline including:
-microscopes (history, care and use)
-parts of microscope and functions
-cell theory
-animal cells
-plant cell
-cellular activites
-cellular organization
-genetic modification of foods
                      Page Two
Student self-testing of names:
a) microscope parts
b) plant and animal cells

                      Page Three
-photographs of pond water organisms

                      Page Four
- a fun page
-3D photos of pond water organisms
-best viewed wearing 3D glasses
Strand Two - Energy and Control:
Page One of Optics
What is Light?
-things to think about
-questions for discussion
-good links, most are interactive
Page Two
-electromagnetic spectrum, waves and colour
Page Three
-reflection and refraction
Page Four
-mirrors, lenses and
your eyes
Page Five
-optical illusions
Strand Three - Matter and Materials:
                Page One of Fluids

-meaning of fluids
-general introduction and meaning of
terms such as buoyancy and buoyant force,  viscosity, flow rate, density, mass, volume
-fluid mechanics - Hydraulics & Pneumatics
-good interactive links
                        Page Two

Unit Outline (18-20 periods)
-11 lessons on fluids
-includes activities and experiments
Teacher Resource page contains pdf downloads for all Science Strands.
Strand Four - Structures and Mechanisms:           Mechanical Efficiency
Page One of Mechanical Efficiency
-review of simple machines
-work, force and distance
-compound machines
-mechanical advantage
-some good interactive links
-the Bicycle As A System and the
Science of Cycling
              Page Two
-energy output and input
-velocity ratio
-power and work
-newtons and joules
kenetic and potential energy
-things to think about
-hydraulics and pneumatics cont'd
              Page Three
-design challenge: photos of
students' hydraulic/pneumatic
Strand Five - Earth and Space Systems: Water Systems
                  Page One of Water Systems
-3 states of water
-water facts positive
-water facts negative
                                Page Two
-water distribution, states of water, hydrologic cycle
-salt vs fresh water
-ideas for discussion
                               Page Three
-ocean floor, waves, currents, tides, rivers and lakes,
-water and climate, comparing oceans and seas
-things to think about and discuss
                               Page Four
Real Life Water Concerns: landfill sites, ocean
pollution, Walkerton E-Coli Outbreak, Oakridges Moraine
-some facts and good informative links
Good General Science Links for Students
The Ontario Science and Technology
Curriculum Document
Teacher Resources - pdf files for download
Examples of student projects using syringes and hosing
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