Grade 6
Life Systems: Diversity of Living Things
Animal Adaptations

Link to Learning

Diversity of Living Things

Introducing Classification

Classifying Critters

Identify Tree Leaves

Structural and Behavioural Adaptations

Categorizing & Classifying Animals (ESL)

Diversity of Living Things by gr. 6 students
also has a teacher resource page
The Scheme of Things

Diversity of Life
Characteristics of Life Interactive Quiz

Edison Intermediate School Lots of links including ppt, quiz, interactive
Kidport The Animal Kindom

Animal Adaptation E-Safaris

Dirtmeister: Animal Adaptations

Online Learning Haven - Science News

Earth and Space Systems: Space
Kid's Astronomy

Astronomy for Kids

StarChild: A learning Centre

Arty the Part-time Astronaut

Eyes on the Sky, Feet on the Ground

Solar System Exploration (Nasa)

Amazing Space


Exploring Our Solar System

Nasa: Kennedy Space Centre

Canadian Space Agency

Exploring the Planets


Future Flight Design

Space - Interactive Activities

Enchanted Learning

Nasa Kids

Space Science Hotlist (sites)

Nasa Spin-offs

Ask An Astronomer for Kids

Activities and Lessons - NASA
Matter and Material: Air and Flight
Flights of Inspiration

100 years of Flight

The Wright Fligher

Teacher Planet Aviation Resource

Flight Principles

First Flight

Canadian Aviation Activiy Kit a pdf download - scroll down to Activiy Kit
The Goodyear Blimp

Amelia Earhart

Activities and Demonstrations

Plane Math Activities

Principles of Aeronautics

de Havilland Canada

AVkids Activity Guide and Teacher Resource PDF
Science Fun with Airplanes

Canadian Aviation Museum

Up Up and Away Thinkquest Site

How Things Fly Activities for teaching flight
Principles of Aeronautics Activities

Nasa Teacher's Lounge
Energy and Control: Electricity
Hands-On-Physics ELECTRICITY

AC/DC: What's the Difference?

Alfy: Teach Learn Communicate

An Electricity Unit

The Atoms Family - Frankenstein's

Tesla Understanding Electricity

Energy Kid's Page

Electricity Games Galore a pdf download - scroll down to grade 6
Interactive - Simple Circuits
Thinkquest Electricity & Magnetism

Electric House Project challenge

Teacher's Corner Magnets & Electricity

Electricity & Magnetism  Interactive

Nasa SciFiles Electricity

Electrical Safety World

NEED Energy Infobooks many PDF's

More NEED Energy many PDF's

BBC - Electricity & Magnetism

Sources of Electricity

Build an Electric Car

Electricity (Lots of Links)

Physical Process Interactive

Electricity for Kids  Animated

The Energy Story

Circuit Challenges

Interactive Electricity
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Newtons Three Laws

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
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