Diversity of Living Things
Life Systems - Grade 6
Most protist are unicellular (single-celled). Because they tend to be so small, you need to use a microscope to see them. A single cell can be as large as a tennis ball or so small that thousands would fit on the period at the end of this sentence. Regardless of its shape or size, every cell contains the things needed to maintain life. Protists are able to carry out all the life functions even though they are only one cell in size. Cells come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Protists are animal - like, plant-like or fungus-like. The animal-like protists called protozoa have either cilia (hairs), a flagellas (tails) or are pseudopods (false feet). Most protists live in water but can found anywhere.
Amoeba eating a
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By raising and studying mealworms, you will have a better understanding of of "Diversity of Living Things" Mealworms are easy to care for and easy to raise.
Questions!       Questions!       Questions!
Where do mealworms fit in the taxonomy?
Are they worms?
Do they have a backbone?
Are they slimey?
How long are they?
Do they have jointed legs?
What do they eat?
Do they like sunlight?
Can they hear? Do they have ears?
How does their mouth work?
What shape is their mouth?
Do mealworms have jointed bodies?
How do mealworms move?
How much do the mealworms eat?
Can it walk up on a slant?
Can it walk backwards?
How far can it walk in a minute?
Can you determine the sex?

What colour are mealworms?
Do they stay that colour?
Do mealworms shed an exoskeleton?
Do they lay eggs?
How long do they live?
Do they go through stages?
Do they like to live in a wet area?
What kind of temperatures do they like?
Where do they fit in the food chain?
Are they good for the environment?
Do mealworms cause any harm?
Can they move quickly?
Do they have teeth?
Do mealworms have lungs?
Can you find a way to tell your mealworms apart?
Does a mealworm walk more to the right or to the left?

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